Exotic Jeep Safari, Jaisalmer

- Rediscover Untouched Desert Life -

Explore the Desert of Jaisalmer.

With 4x4 Jeeps

Take a closer look to desert adventure

An Advanturous Drive.

Get scrumble & climb over sand dunes.

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Explore untouched desert by the outside influence and feel the difference yourself

Khuri, Jaisalmer

If you think you are on adventure side then try the jeep safari to explore the desert in jaisalmer. These are done on 4x4 jeeps that are really powerful machines customized in to 4 wheel drive. Jeeps will take you to the villages of thar desert which are still untouched by the outside influence and feel the difference yourself. An adventurous drive where jeep will scramble and climb over dunes and higher crests. As you drive through far and distant villages,be amazed by the life style of locals,see mud huts and stroll through narrow lanes,get to see antelopes,deer and desert fox. Let the adrenaline levels flow as you sit in an open jeep and the driver drives it through the dips.

You can opt for short trips such as Fossil park or Desert National park that are situated in the radius of 50 odd Km.

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- abundance of bird life -

Amazing Birdlife Exploration

Desert national park, jaisalmer is situated in the west indian state of rajasthan. Despite a fragile ecosystem there is abundance of bird life.The region is a haven for migratory birds and resident birds of the desert.The endangered great indian bustard is a magnificent bird found in relatively fair numbers.

Best time to visit

November to February

Eagles, harriers, falcons, buzzard, kestrel and vultures are the resident birds.Desert national park is one of the last sites in which this species can be found in good numbers.Brown and white in color,the bustard is a meter tall and has long bare legs and a long neck.As well as pointing out some the rarer inhabitants of thar desert.

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  • The safari would take around 2 hours
  • Bottled water and snack while on safari are included
  • All park fee and government taxes are included
  • The safari lead by professional driver
  • Meal for guests is not includedin package
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